The Cordova International School strongly believes in the saying:


“A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind”


The co-curriculum was given an equal footing in student life so that there will be an improvement in the student ability to grasp things as a whole, because students will have received a more rounded education.

Cordova International School presents its students a wide range of opportunities for co-curricular activities that are specially designed to meet the need of the students of different age levels particularly to work in teams, to exercise leadership and to take initiative themselves.





With a view to give the students an international environment in studies, the Cordova has arranged varieties of fun and frolics in the campus; horse riding and swimming are some of the most diverse features of the campus along with cricket, football, basketball, athletics and many other games and coaching be given for these events in the international level.




Multi-tasking is rapidly being acknowledged as a necessary skill


Our students take pride in a job well done, however small it may be. The school provides a wealth of opportunities for extracurricular pursuits. Children find their niche and at the same time enjoy exploring uncharted domains. In the process, without their being aware of it, a different aspect of their personality emerges and is honed.